Sousel: Travel and tourism

The county of Sousel, situated in an agricultural region in Northern Alentejo, is known for its fine cheeses, sausages, olive oil and wines.

The zone has been spared the inconveniences of mass tourism and remains quite unexplored, but visitors may enjoy several open-air activities such as hunting.

The seat of the county, Sousel, is a quiet town with several interesting churches, such as the Mother Church (16th century, including emblazoned grave-stones of artistic and historical value), the Miserichord Church (18th century, with a gilded altarpiece) or the Church of Our Lady of Oratory (dating from the 15th century but later altered and enlarged, with blue and white painted tiles from the 18th century), among others.

Another interesting church can be seen at the village of Santo Amaro, originally built in the 15th century and remodelled in the 19th century.

Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit Sousel, as the summers are extremely hot (the average temperature in July is of 34 ºC) and the winters quite cold.

Visitors interested in handicrafts will find several objects made of cork, leather bags and the typical five-needle lace.
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