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Portela do Homem: Roman mile-posts
Portela do Homem: Roman mile-posts
A predominantly rural county, Terras de Bouro boasts of one of Portugal's greatest natural attractions, the National Park of Peneda-Gerês, stretching between the mountains of the same name and offering dramatic sceneries of granite peaks, densely wooded valleys and abundant rivers, streams and springs.

Oaks, yews and wild arbutus-trees grow under rocky cliffs and the park also shelters a varied fauna, including wolves and golden eagles.

The local villages preserve ancient traditions and habits and a rustic architecture of humble stone houses.

Flocks of sheep and goats roam across the Gerês mountains and visitors may still glimpse some wild horses, the garranos; the land is cultivated on terraces upon the slopes.

One of the most popular sites among visitors is Vilarinho das Furnas, where the waters of the dam on the river Homem carve a blue trail along a rocky landscape.

Caldas do Gerês, known since Roman times for the healing virtues of its thermal waters, is a pleasant site surrounded by mountains, and a good starting point for excursions by foot across the centre of the park.

Terras de Bouro is also a zone of countless milestones left by the Romans on the military road that linked Braga to Astorga (Spain), such as the ones at Geira, and of picturesque stone granaries.

At the seat of the county, it is worth admiring the former Benedictine monastery and the church of Our Lady of the Abbey.

The village of Chamoim has another interesting church with two towers, dedicated to Saint James the Apostle.

As for the regional food, the most traditional dish is cozido à Terras de Bouro, with beans, cabbages, potatoes, pork and the rich and varied local cured meats, but visitors will also find delicious roast kid and a goat stew.

The county's handicrafts include basketry, embroideries and miniatures carved in wood.
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