Ferreira do Zęzere: Travel and tourism

Crossed by the river Zęzere and located in an area of transition between the flatlands of the Ribatejo and the woods and mountains of central Portugal, Ferreira do Zęzere is integrated in the Templars Tourism Region and shares with the neighbouring county of Tomar the beauty of the Blue Lake formed by the dam of Castelo de Bode and fine fluvial beaches.

The lovely scenery, dominated by green valleys and hills covered with pine and eucalyptus forests in contrast with the deep blue of the river and lakes, is joined by an architectural patrimony rich in historical and religious monuments, such as the Pentagonal Tower built by the Templars and the Mother Church (of medieval origin, with gilded woodwork and a pipe organ from the 16th century) at Dornes, the pillories of Pias and Águas Belas, where the Mother Church exhibits a beautiful monstrance in gilted silver, or the Chapel of Săo Pedro de Castro and the Mother Church, at the seat of the county.

Ferreira do Zęzere also boasts of a long tradition in handicrafts, namely wicker basketry, miniature models of old boats used for fishing on the river, works in wood and beautiful woven bedspreads and table-cloths. Painted tiles and religious art objects are also part of the region's artistic tradition.

The gastronomy is diversified and always savoury, including fish from the river and freshwater shellfish, roast kid, morcela de arroz (a sort of black pudding with rice), the cheese of Areias and bons maridos (good husbands), a typical local cake.
Estalagem Lago Azul Estalagem Lago Azul
Castanheira, Ferreira do Zęzere
$$$ (50 to 100 euros)

Estalagem Lago Azul is located on the shore of the Castelo de Bode dam lake, next to Tomar, Fátima and Leiria and surrounded by huge pine forests, a wonderful place to enjoy water sports and other open air activities.

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