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Located on the estuary of the river Tagus, opposite Lisbon, it became a city shortly after the Revolution of 1974 in Portugal. Like other towns of Outra Banda (other side), it was first a large dormitory for people who worked in Lisbon and its importance was mainly due to its maritime facilities; such examples are to be found in the large shipyards of Lisnave or the Navy Base of Alfeite.

In recent years, it has tried to counteract these dry aspects by preserving green areas and patronizing cultural events.

However, its main touristic attraction remains the vast series of beaches of Costa da Caparica: long, sandy beaches surrounded by sand dunes and pine woods, which have become extremely popular amongst the inhabitants of Lisbon, who come here to catch sun, swim or eat in one of the many restaurants in the town itself or that spread along the beaches.

Fresh fish and seafood are always available, but the main speciality of the region is caldeirada: a rich stew with a variety of very fresh fish.

Children are always delighted with the small railway with open carriages which runs along the beaches during summer.
Residencial Real Residencial Real
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The Residencial Real is located ten metres from the Costa Beach, surrounded by typical restaurants, ten minutes away from Cristo-Rei, in Almada, 15 minutes from Lisbon and a little over 25 minutes from the international airport.

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