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Guincho: windsurf
Guincho: windsurf
A small town 25 kilometres west of Lisbon, Cascais was inhabited since Pre-historic times. Standing on a sheltered, sandy bay, it became a small fishing port and in the late 19th century turned into an elegant resort.

Today, Cascais is still a favourite tourist destination, combining a cosmopolitan atmosphere with the local flavour. This can be seen in the narrow pedestrian streets of the old town, filled with fashionable shops, bars, restaurants and discos.

Nearby, Estoril, with its casino, parks and outdoor cafés, also boasts of this cosmopolitan atmosphere; indeed, it was for a time the place chosen by exiled royalty to settle in, such as the king of Italy, Umberto II, Carol II of Romania and the current Spanish king, Juan Carlos.

Tourists can walk from there to Cascais, along a promenade by the sea overlooked by grand villas, excellent hotels and modern apartments.

Just outside Cascais, on the coast road, enjoy the view from the top of the cliffs at Boca do Inferno (Hell's Mouth): the sea rushes into caves and rocks and there is a small outdoor handicraft-market nearby.

A bit further lies the magnificent Guincho Beach, with its sandy dunes and great Atlantic breakers, which make it a paradise for windsurfers, although the currents are strong and it is often windy.

Along this road there are excellent restaurants, specializing in fish and seafood dishes.
Hotel Vila Galé Cascais Hotel Vila Galé Cascais
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