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Molares: Casa do Campo
Molares: Casa do Campo
Celorico de Basto lies in what is known as the «Lands of Basto» (Terras de Basto), in the fertile valleys of the river Tâmega, limited by the mountains of Barroso and Marão and by the plateau of Montelongo.

The town of Celorico, overlooking the river and dating from medieval times, is surrounded by splendid manor houses. The most known are Casa do Campo, the manor houses of Boa Vista and of Outeiro (18th century), Casa do Prado (19th century) and Casa da Igreja (18th century).

On top of a hill near Arnóia, a village which grew around a benedictine monastery, possibly founded in 995, stands the small and ancient castle of Celorico.

The valleys of Terras de Basto, which lie between mountains and forests, are excellent for hiking, being filled with flowers in Spring. The region, bathed by the river Tâmega, is quite fertile and, due to climatical and orographical conditions, such diferent things as corn, orange, fig, chestnut and cherry trees, vineyard and olives are cultivated there.

The main gastronomical specialities of this region are the cured meats, rojões à moda do Minho (a rich stew of spiced pork cooked in wine and garlic) and loin of veal.
Pousada de Juventude de Ovar Pousada de Juventude de Ovar
The Ovar Youth Hostel is located in the outskirts of town, surrounded by pinewoods. Given its location and the facilities available, it is ideal for school groups on summer holidays.

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