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Municipal garden
Municipal garden
The town of Mortágua, with its whitewashed houses surrounded by wooded hills and fertile fields of orchards and vegetable-plots, is the seat of a county which offers visitors a rural tourism in close contact with Nature.

Pre-Toman remains such as the fortification of Cabeço de Castro confirm the zone was inhabited since remote times.

Besides the town's interesting 16th-century sculpted pillory and Mother Church, it is worth visiting the Sanctuary of the Saviour of the World, built on the site of an ancient fortification, with three chapels and a belvedere offering magnificent views over the valley, and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmel, from the 17th century, at the parish of Marmeleira.

The county also displays picturesque examples of rural architecture, such as traditional wind and water mills, ancient granaries in wood and stone oil-presses.

In terms of handicrafts, the reddish pottery of Gândara, decorated with naïve patterns, is widely used and the wares range from pots and casseroles to jars and spirit-burners to grill sausages at table.

As for the local gastronomy, Mortágua's best-known speciality is chanfana, a traditional stew of goat cooked in a black clay casserole in a wood-burning oven, but visitors with a sweet tooth will also enjoy the local Easter-cake, puff pastries and pancakes, besides the well-known Dão wines.

In addition to the county's extensive wooded areas which deserve to be explored, Mortágua also boasts of the wonderful scenery provided by the artificial lake of the Aguieira Dam, offering excellent conditions for water sports and fishing.
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