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Mother Church
Mother Church
The county of Tábua is located in central Portugal and formed by low hills and fertile valleys crossed by several rivers and streams.

Small villages of typical stone houses with wooden balconies, often decorated with flowers, such as the ones which may be seen at Covas, and old manor-houses and mansions, like those rising at Midões, also characterize the county, an essentially rural region of breeding cattle and producing corn, wine, chestnuts, cork and olive oil.

Tábua is a small and pleasant town with the 19th-century church of Santa Maria Maior, the 18th-century Chapel of Our Lord of Miracles (octogonal, with two portals and woodwork altars in the Baroque style), and also the interesting Library and House-Museum of Sara Beirão.

At Midões, besides the stately houses from the 17th to 19th centuries, it is worth admiring the pillory, the nearby Chapel of Saint Sebastian, with Roman gravestones, and the Church of Saint Michael, rising on a hill and offering fine views over the vast tableland.

The natural patrimony of Tábua includes other interesting sites, such as the fluvial beach of Alva, at Mouronho, the «oscilating boulder» or «bed rock» at Póvoa de Midões, and the mineral and medicinal waters of São Geraldo, at the parish of Covas, and of Várzea Negra, at the parish of Póvoa de Midões.
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